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six of heartsHearts: Emotions - Relationships - Love
Six of Heart Meaning: The Law of Love
Karma for the 6 of Heart - Responsibility

This is the Christmas Card, and it's not just because a Capricorn 6 of Heart is born on December 25th. It is because the Six of Heart people are known as the bearers of gifts: they like to live well, and truly enjoy sharing their wealth with family and friends.

Home is very important to the 6 of Heart. However, it's not all about hearts and flowers. Responsibility come naturally to them, and they will do everything in their power to make sure their loved ones are safe and well-provided for. Family first! That is the motto for the 6 of Heart.

Six of Heart people are practical thinkers, and quick learners. They are stubborn, and quite predictable. Once they have established their home or business surroundings, they like to keep things as they are, and it makes good sense to let them!

The cards in their Life Pattern are all strong, stable and resourceful, with just enough fear of not have enough security, to keep them on their toes. They are really solid people to know, and they make great managers, especially in big business.

karma or destiny


October 29 (Scorpio,) November 27 (Sagittarius), December 25 (Capricorn)


Winona Ryder, Richard Dreyfuss, Kate Jackson, Carolyn Kennedy, Jaleel White, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Sir Isaac Newton, Conrad Hilton, Clara Barton, Sissy Spacek, Annie Lennox, Carlos Castaneda, Cab Calloway, Humphrey Bogart, Eddie Rabbit, Anwar Sadat, Rod Serling, Melba Moore, Robert Ripley, Robin Givens, Barbara Mandrell, Jimmy Buffet

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