Seshat's Seven

Thoth, messenger of the gods, creator of writing, mathematics, astrology, numerology, and the cards. His consort was Seshat - the Celestial Librarian, keeper of the House of Life. Seshat was the one who wrote down everything Thoth. Together they inscribed the cause and effect of a person’s life - their karma - “etched into the bricks” on which they were born.

Seven cards ~ Seven Cycles of Time

Just as one word cannot describe the complexities of your character, the meaning of one card does not convey the many facets of your personality.

Eighteen cards are used to analyze your journey in life. Seven of them describe the conditions of your personality; each card represents one aspect of your uniqueness. Taken together, they are the seven chapters that tell your life-story.

Life Spread for the 8 of Club CardThis Life Spread shows the 7 major cards for the 8♧. The major cards are read from right to left, moving down the rows.

  • 1. ...MERCURY describes your early years, and the experiences that shape your thought processes and communication with others.
  • 2. ...VENUS describes your teens and early twenties. The cards in Venus show how you love and what makes you happy.
  • 3. ...MARS describes your vital young adult years. Here you will discover what drives you, how you respond to conflicts, and how you take charge.
  • 4. ...JUPITER describes your adult life. The cards in Jupiter indicate your material/financial resources, your associates, and your fortune, or luck-of-the-draw.
  • 5. ...SATURN describes your mature years. This cycle indicates where you are at with health related issues, your adversity and your "cross to bear".
  • 6. ...URANUS describes what are known as the Golden Years. The cards in this cycle demonstrate your creativity, and your spirituality.
  • 7. ...NEPTUNE describes the years we consider old-age. This cycle reveals your dreams and your aspirations.
  • *after 91 the cycles repeat.

How to Read Your 7 Primary Cards

The cards are read from right to left, moving down the rows. When you get to the bottom left corner, go back up to the top row and continue counting from right to left, moving down the rows.

How to Read Your Primary Cards

Tablet showing how to read the Cards from Right to Left
Tablet showing how to move down a row and continue counting right to left
Tablet showing the card at bottom corner, continue the count to top row from right to left moving down the rows.