The Players

The hidden calendar and numeric values of the 52-card deck (plus joker!) are related to the celestial movements of the earth around the sun. Thus the ancient science of cards appears to be a celestial or cosmological system and the planets are intrinsic to the meaning of every card. Without the modifying effects of the planets, the interpretation of each card is reduced to its number and suit.

The Players are the seven major planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. In Metasymbology, I like to think of them as the Players holding our cards in the Great Game of Life

Each Player has his or her own unique character and story to tell as found in Sanskrit texts, Egyptian lore, and Greek mythology. The stories of these mythical figures are scattered and woven through the fabric of ancient time. In both Eastern and Western Astrology, we use these mythical figures to characterize the celestial bodies within our solar system. This personification of the planets enables us to relate to their cosmic influence in a personal way. The Players not only affect the meaning symbolized by each card, but also when that card is in play.

Ruling Cards

Ruling cards modify the meaning of your birthday card similar to the way a rising sign exemplifies your persona in western astrology. (A good article about rising signs is found here.) Knowing this, you would then discover the personality of a Scorpion Ten of Heart differs greatly from an Aquarius Ten of Heart. 

Astrology tells us each sign has a planetary "lord" or ruler. In Metasymbology, that lord is symbolized as a ruling card. To find your ruling card, you must find out what planet is the lord of your zodiac sign. If you know your sign, you can find your planetary lord in the list below.

planetary lords


Aries ~ Mars
Taurus ~ Venus
Gemini ~ Mercury
Cancer ~ Moon
Leo ~ Sun
Virgo ~ Mercury
Libra ~ Venus
Scorpio ~ Mars
Sagittarius ~ Jupiter
Capricorn ~ Saturn
Aquarius ~ Uranus
Pisces ~ Neptune

Life Tablet

To locate your ruling card, you will use the Life Tablet. (Also known as a spread or plate.)

On this Life Tablet, I am illustrating the Ten of Heart so you can see the 7 major cards and the 7 planets playing those cards for everyone born on a Ten of Heart day. The order of the planets and the direction you read your cards (right to left, top to bottom) is the same for all the cards.

Let us say the person is a Scorpion Ten of Heart. The lord of Scorpio is Mars

Now look at the Life Spread and see Mars is with the Ace of Heart. This means the Ace of Heart is the ruling card for the Scorpion Ten of Heart, and the meaning of this card plays an important role in the life of everyone born on that day: October 25.

You may wonder about the Sun (Leo) and the Moon (Cancer) as they are not one of the 7 Players. Both celestial bodies are unique and they are represented by their own cards. The Sun is the 8 of Diamond and the Moon is the 10 of Club. So if you are a Leo, your ruling card is the 8 of Diamond. If you are a Cancer, your ruling card is the 10 of Club.

What's your ruling card?