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Each tablet or plate, which comprises 52 cards, follows a formula that begins with the cards arranged in their original order, from Ace of Hearts to King of Hearts, Ace of Clubs to King of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds to King of Diamonds, and Ace of Spades to King of Spades.

Next, the order is rearranged based on the numerical values of the four seasons (representing the four suits in a deck of cards) and 13 weeks per season (representing the 13 cards per suit) in a calendar year. One complete rotation advances the hidden calendar one year.

Once you have prepared the tablets, you don’t handle cards again. The only variable is the seeker, whose date of birth is essential to interpreting the cards on each tablet.

The spread before the first rotation, with the cards in their natural or “perfect” order, is called the Soul Tablet. It symbolizes the unblemished journey of the soul, unbound by cause and effect.

Your soul’s nature is your spiritual essence; an image of Spirit, forever unchanged by your human experiences. Being in tune with the positive meaning of your Soul Card helps you manifest your most powerful, creative qualities.

Perfect and Life Spreads
Arne Lein 1989

arne leins soul and life card spreads form whats your card

Perfect and Mundane Spreads
Florence Evylinn Campbell, M.A. 1947

The Soul and Life Tablet of Cards from Sacred Symbols of the Ancients

Soul and Life Tablets Metasymbology 2012

Metasymbology's soul and life tablets

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