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The Karmic Calendar

The hidden calendar within the 52-card deck divides a solar year into seven 52-day cycles of time and a person's life-time into seven 13-year cycles of time. The start and end date of each cycle depends upon the month and day you were born and the cycles continue from the cradle to the grave.The New Game

Each cycle is characterized by the personification of one of the 7 major planets of our solar system (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), as well as a specific card. The meaning of each card/planet combination describes karma that is occurring during each cycle of time. It is like a "karmic footprint" left upon the fabric of time, encoded within the ancient language of cards.

Each DAY of our calendar year has been given a solar value. This solar value is symbolized by a specific Card. For example, someone born on July 10 is considered a 5 of Diamond. To examine how the Law of Cause and Effect is operating for that person when they're 40 years old, we find their birth card - the 5 of Diamond - on the 40th Spread of Cards (also known as a "Tablet") and interpret accordingly.

Recorded history shows the 52-Card deck predates the Tarot (see also evidence). In 1893, Olney H. Richmond published a book titled "The Mystic Test Book". An occult classic, this was the first published book to reveal the meaning of Cards in relation to the celestial bodies, with rules and processes for reading and delineation. Valuable excerpts from Olney's original work are included in the 52-Card Readers Handbook and more recently: The New Game - 52-Day Cycles of Time, both authored by Daliah Boretski. The two other authoritative books on the subject are - "Sacred Symbols of the Ancients" by Florence Campbell & Edith Randall, and "What's Your Card?" by Arne Lein. More recently, there is a collection of books written by Iain McLaren-Owens.

In Arne Lein's book, "What's Your Card?" Lein combines astrology, numerology and metaphysics with the 52 Cards, identifies it as a total subject and calls it METASYMBOLOGY.

The Hidden Calendar

Most interesting, our solar calendar of 365.25 days is hidden within a regular deck of playing cards.

If you take a deck of cards, add up all the pips (suits) on each card from the Ace (one) to 10, where the Jack is 11, the Queen is 12 and the King is 13, you have a value of 364. The Joker takes up “the remnant of days” (the leap year), with a value of 1.25, bringing the total value to 365.25 days of the solar year.

Many more numeric combinations of the 52-card deck (plus Joker!) will, without fail, represent the numeric values of our solar year.