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Tablets of Time

The Game Boards of Life

Tarot & Cartomancy

There are major differences between the tarot or cartomancy and Metasymbology. Neither tarot nor cartomancy use numerology or math formulas. Metasymbology is a number system. Tarot and cartomancy do not use cycles of time, birthdays, calendars, the zodiac, or planets. Metasymbology depends on them to personalize and give measurable results.

The main difference is how you handle the cards. Tarot cards are shuffled and cut, randomly drawn and laid out in a multitude of ways. Meaningful coincidence provides the seeker with the card interpreted by the reader.

The science of cards - Metasymbology - does not cut or shuffle. There is a formula for making 91 "tablets" or spreads of cards, one for each year of a person’s life. Once the spreads are made, there is no need to handle cards again. You read from the tablets. The only variable is the seeker, whose date of birth is essential to interpreting the cards.
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Soul Qualities and Personalities

The Soul Spread is the first tablet. It's also called the Perfect Spread. The Soul Spread describes the perfect, ideal state of your being.

Being in tune with your soul-nature helps you manifest your most powerful, creative experiences. You know you are in tune with your soul-nature because you are happy. :-)

Life Spread of CardsThe first turn of the solar year clock creates the Life Spread. This is your first year, from birth to age one.

Your experiences during your first year create emotional and psychological patterns that influence the way you connect with the rest of the world. This becomes your personality.

Yearly Tablets

The rest of the spreads are the Yearly Tablets. Each yearly tablet is a personal calendar that starts on your birthday. For example, you can follow the ebb and flow of karma for all people who are 30 years old, by reading their cards on Tablet #30.