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Two of Heart Meaning: Faith in Love
Karma for the 2 of Hearts - Fear of Financial Security

All TWO's represent an element of fear, based upon the meaning symbolized by their suit. The HEART suit symbolizes love and relationships. Thus the 2 of Heart tend to run from the very thing they need the most: emotional commitment.
KARMIC CHALLENGE for the Two of Heart: Cooperating with Loved Ones.

People born on the 2 of Heart day believe that life is not meant to be lived alone. But with all their analyzing, questioning, and experimentations with love, they often end up losing sight of the very thing they need the most. Wilful and domineering, their desire for peace at all costs is often in direct conflict with their strong emotions.

Two of Heart persons can come across as being aloof, or preoccupied with work and financial security, making it difficult for them to connect on a level of intimacy. When they do find a partner willing to work with them in a relationship, they do whatever it takes to keep the homefires burning. The 2 of Heart have an easier time meeting life's challenges once they stop questioning the meaning of love, and just let love in.

Two of Heart persons have a constant fear of debt and associate relationships or family-life with financial burden. This attitude and fear is unfounded as revealed in their Life Spread of cards, they have excellent work ethics, supportive friends and associates and overall good luck in their work-related endeavors.

On another interesting note, the Soul Card for the 2 of Heart is the ever curious Ace of Club. Hence an inherent conflict between their compelling need for emotional security, and their ever challenging need to know!

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