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six of spadesSpades - Wisdom - Labor - Acceptance
Six of Spades - The Law of Life
Karma for the 6 of Spade - FAITH

This is the Card of overcoming, and all Six of Spade people are strong willed and determined; often fixed and stubborn!

The Sixs of Spade have great potential and power in their Life Pattern of Cards, but if they don't accept the responsibilities that are being constantly placed upon them, they will drift toward discouragement, lack of initiative, and ultimately, what one could call a very boring life!

The Six of Spade people are strictly just - and they may seem hard and unfeeling at times. Intuitively, they know that there is no death, only Eternal Life. It is this truth that they have come to fully realize in our finite world of mortality.

Tried and tested throughout their lives, when the Six of Spade are beaten down it is only to rise up, and try even harder the second, or third time around!

karma or destiny


January 8 (Capricorn), February 6 (Aquarius), March 4 (Pisces), April 2 (Aries)


Stephen Hawking, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Axl Rose, Bob Marley, Ronald Reagan, Emmylou Harris, Marvin Gaye, Alex Guinness

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