Meaning of the 5 of Spade

five of spade playing cardSpades: Earth - Work - Spirituality
Five of Spade Meaning: Motion and Change
Karma for the 5 of Spade: Spiritual Discontent

5 of Spade people project an aura of dependability and inner strength. Their heart centre is open and ready for business. You will feel their presence as soon as they walk into a room.

Work is especially important to the 5 of Spade. Not for the money it brings, (though they are certainly keen and will always use it to improve the lives of those they love!) but for the physical satisfaction of keeping busy. They also make lasting friendships along the way. As the spade, they are very much in tune with their physical needs and want to be physically engaged in everything they do.

Frustrations and disappointments stem from the Venus (women, home, loveā€¦) influences in their lives. Nonetheless, the selfless nurturing qualities of the 5 of Spade help them to see the bigger picture and find ways to overcome their disappointments in love.

5 of Spade have an aggressive type karma that can bring physical altercations if not channeled into a productive outlet. On the other hand, this same physical energy gives them great stamina and a smoldering sexuality.

Even though the Five of Spade wear their hearts on their sleeves, when it comes to love, they are weary. Experience has shown them that love and relationships come at a cost, and they take their responsibilities very seriously.

Birthdays for the 5♤

January 9 (Capricorn), February 7 (Aquarius), March 5 (Pisces), April 3 (Aries), May 1 (Taurus)

Soul Card for the 5♤

The Soul Card for the 5 of Spade is the 10 of Heart. This is the highest card of love symbolizing triumph in matters of the heart. It is this Soul Card that gives all 5 of Spade the compulsion to persevere in their personal lives, through the best and worst of times.

Famous 5♤ People

Alec Baldwin, Ashton Kutcher, Bob Denver, Charles Dickens, Chris Rock, Crystal Gayle, Dean Stockwell, Doris Day, Eddie Murphy, Garth Brooks, Glenn Ford, Jack Paar, Jane Goodall, Jane Goodall, Jimmy Page, Joan Baez, Joel Osteen, Kevin Connolly, Marlon Brando, Niki Taylor, Richard Nixon, Robert Bauval, Samantha Eggar, Susannah York, Tim McGraw, Wayne Newton