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TEN of Spade

SPADE: Work - Health - Environment
TEN: Achieve - Amass
CHALLENGE: Dissipation


The Spade personality views the world through the lens of work and feels especially connected to their physical environment. The Spade is the element earth and gives the personality an earthly vibration. Work is a Spades salvation.


The value of Ten is success. It is the biggest number, eclipsing all others. The ten personality wants to accumulate and illuminate all the qualities of its suit – the Spade.


Their Soul Card is the 4 of Heart. This emblem symbolizes the emotional structure and support of family. It is the heart of the family; that which keeps them together.
In an ideal world, the 10 of Spade use their success to enhance and support the family nucleus. The soul of the 10 of Spade has come to experience this process. It is a process that makes them feel loved and motivated.

Personality of the Ten of Spade

Ten of Spade

People born on a Ten of Spade day have unusually quick minds. The best careers are those that help them diversify or provide quick turnovers. They lose interest when they are not mentally stimulated

All Ten of Spade make excellent sleuths. They will work silently – behind the scenes, until ready to strike out on their own. Successful occupations are ones that give them freedom to travel or engage them in some aspect of arts and entertainment or showmanship.

The 10 of Spade person gives a lot of themselves but don't always get it back. They are magnetic, but emotionally vulnerable and can be taken advantage of. They have a deep appreciation for music and love of beauty. Many composers are born on a 10 of Spade day.

The financial security of loved ones is one of their major concerns - and stresses in life. Failure to support their family or loved ones often results in a life of drudgery. The Ten of Spade make sacrifices for the people they care about and are inspired by the dreams and ideals of youth.

Birthdays for the 10♤

January 4 (Capricorn), February 2 (Aquarius)

Soul Card for the 10♤

4 is the Soul Card for the Ten of Spade. This emblem symbolizes the harmony and support of family-love. As a Soul Card, the Ten of Spade are happiest when they contribute to the welfare of the ones they love.

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