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ten of spadesSpades - Wisdom - Labor - Acceptance
Ten of Spades Meaning: Glorification of Labor
Karma for the 10 of Spades - Awareness

For these people, home and business are closely associated - and one may seriously interfere with the other. The 10 of Spade is often found conducting business at home, hampered by constant interruptions and lack of application!

During their early adulthood, emotional disturbances in the home may be caused by financial limitations. These early experiences can negatively effect the choices they make later on in life. In particular, the Ten of Spade often choose work that brings them the speediest financial return, which invariably lands them in jobs that are beneath their capabilities.

As this is the card of "success in work", all 10 of Spade expect to work and don't want to be dependent on anyone. And good thing too, because their karma doesn't lend much in the way of helping hands. On the contrary, they are the ones who are usually called upon for help.

Ten of Spade people can appear aloof or secretive, but they are actually very sensitive with quick, ever-changing minds. Inherently protected, the Ten of Spade will always get by, no matter what!

karma or destiny


January 4 (Capricorn), February 2 (Aquarius)


J. Edgar Hoover, Ayn Rand, James Joyce, Shakira, Farrah Fawcett, Christie Brinkley

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