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CLUB: Communicate - Discern
TEN: Accumulate - Amplify
CHALLENGE: Irresponsibility


The Club personality illuminates the cerebral attributes of Spirit. The nature of the Club is to discern and disseminate knowledge. The personality of the Club attracts ample opportunities for the soul to experience the workings of the mind and the processing of information.


The value of “10” is illumination. It is an all-encompassing vibration, resonating superiority and accomplishment. The personality of the 10 is attracted to experiences that broaden their horizons. They like to accumulate (knowledge) and will use whatever resources to their full advantage.


Their Soul Card is the Jack of Spade. This emblem is symbolic of cunning and determination. As the Jack, it is also young; the neophyte eager to fast-track their journey in life.
In their most successful state of being, the personality of the Ten of Club is a successful communicator who inspires others to provide the services and work required to achieve considerable success.

Personality of the Ten of Club

Ten of Club

Ten of Club is symbolic of mental illumination. Those born on a 10♧ day are innovative and have a creative mindset. Their greatest success lies within the mental realm of ideas and communicating those ideas to others on a large scale. We also consider the Ten of Club as the Moon Card; known to astrologers as the emotional, intuitive mind.

Ten of Club people are often suspicious and demand loyalty from friends and family. We know them as task-masters within the family, and even they feel they are deserving of that title. They are also afraid of being judged and are insecure on a deep level.  All 10 of Club like to work, and for those instilled with a moral sense of values early in life, their personal achievements are tremendous.

Those born on a 10 of Club day learn the power of money at a very early age. They also have a knack for investing in things that bring speedy returns. Their greatest gift, however, is bringing people together to achieve their own success in industries that provide service to others.

Birthdays for the 10♧

January 30 (Aquarius), February 28 (Pisces), March 26 (Aries), April 24 (Taurus), May 22 (Taurus/Gemini), June 20 (Gemini), July 18 (Cancer), August 16 (Leo), September 14 (Virgo), October 12 (Libra), November 10 (Scorpio), December 8 (Sagittarius)

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