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HEART: Love - Relationships - Faith
SEVEN: Sensitivity - Overcoming


The Heart personality is here to learn about human love and relationships. The spirit of heart navigates the turbulent waters of emotional energy. It is the area of life most difficult to master. The heart personality creates experiences that demonstrate love is the sole (soul) power behind all power.


The value of seven is victory. It is a sensitive vibration that rides the razor's edge of life’s hard experiences. It is stressful and tense. It is the number of obstacles. The personality of the 7 is chosen to overcome adversity by rising above and beyond the challenges of their karma.


Their Soul Card is the 8 of Heart. This emblem is symbolic of the healing power of love. It symbolizes restoration, and reconciliation. It radiates charm and magnetism. The wise 7 of Heart use their soul-power to attract the help they need. They turn obstacles into victories and harness their emotional stress as motivation to succeed.

Personality of the Seven of Heart

Seven of Heart

Childhood experiences teach the young Seven of Heart that in order to overcome adversity, they must rise to the challenge quickly. They and their family receive many calls for help, usually financial, which creates an understanding of money as a necessary evil.

Seven of Heart personalities operate on a higher frequency. Their mind stuff is highly cognizant of light energy, which they tap for creative ways to release the incessant stresses of their youth. Many artists, singers and entertainers are born on a 7 of Heart day.

The most challenging karma for the 7 of Heart has less to do with the spirit of the heart than it does with learning how to use their fine minds. They have such broad viewpoints, it’s difficult to narrow down the channels of thought. They are busy inventing and building bridges to progress while the rest of us mull over cause and effect.

There are those, of course, whose evolution is on a lower frequency of light. For those seven of Heart, mental frustrations create a lazy mind, unwilling to rise to the challenge.

Emotionally wilful, there are no half measures for the 7 of Heart! For good or for worse, they are self-sacrificing and loyal to death do they part, or the romantic rebel, unwilling to take on the emotional work for a committed relationship.

Birthdays for the 7

September 30 (Libra), October 28 (Scorpio), November 26 (Sagittarius), December 24 (Capricorn)

Soul Card for the 7

8 is the Soul Card for the Seven of Heart. This card represents the power of love in all ways. As a Soul Card, the personality of the 7 of Heart receive a double dose of heart power. Once they realize the benefits of their inherent charm, they attract powerful people who can help them on their journey to heal a broken world.

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