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CLUB: Mind - Perception - Ideas
SEVEN: Tension - Analysis


The Club personality is used to further the adventures of thought. The spirit of the club traverses the network of ideas. Its energy is attracted toward mental pursuits. It is the air element designed to convey the boundless potentials of the mind.


The function of seven is to evaluate. It is a vibration that resonates with the analytical attributes of the personality. It is tense and worrisome. The personality of the 7 is attracted to situations that require introspection and progressive ideas.


Their Soul Card is the 8 of Diamond. This emblem is symbolic of dominion over the material and monetary world. It has the illuminating and creative power of Sun. In an ideal world, the 7 of Club use this higher frequency of their soul's light-energy to clarify worrisome thoughts. A happy 7 of Club illuminates analytical pursuits with creative ideas to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of progress.

Personality of the Seven of Club

7 of Club

Those born on a 7 of Club day are keenly aware of what they - and the world needs - to be a better place. They are eclectic, spontaneous thinkers and can be highly intuitive. They also have a knack for commercializing their ideas and publicizing their unique perspective.

The young and impressionable Seven of Club must find ways to stabilize the unstable environment of their youth. Fluctuating finances create volatility at home; the root cause of their incessant worrying later in life. To cope, the 7 of club develop an inventive mentality and sense of irony.

None of the 7's have it easy and the Seven of Club is no exception. Stress is a constant and a cause of psychosomatic health issues. The 7 of Club personality resists dogma and the conventions of religion, preferring science over blind faith.

Women 7 of Club need their independence but want to nurture. If the gender is male, a rakish attitude often spirals into cheerful irresponsibility. Relationships are characterized by rough-cut gems. Not one to shy away from conflict, the rebel within will surprise even those who know them well.

Birthdays for the 7♧

March 29 (Aries), April 27 (Taurus), May 25 (Gemini), June 23 (Cancer), July 21 (Cancer/Leo), August 19 (Leo), September 17 (Virgo), October 15 (Libra), November 13 (Scorpio), December 11 (Sagittarius)

Soul Card for the 7♧

8 is the Soul Card for the Seven of Club. This card represents the clarifying quality of the Sun's bright light. As a Soul Card, the 7 of Club are motivated to use their fine minds to invent, advance and otherwise shine the light of their creative genius for the benefit of humankind.

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