Meaning of the 9 of Diamond

nine of diamond playing cardDiamonds: Values - Security - Dharma
Nine of Diamond Meaning: Benevolence
Karma for the 9 of Diamond - Faith in the Golden Calf

The 9 of Diamond people have wonderfully bright, youthful energy. Their captivating demeanor is often the result of psychological stress experienced during their early childhood years, for which they had to develop a healthy dose of humour to overcome, and charm to get by.

Nine of Diamond people are gregarious and great orators. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and they are mentally very tough! In their positive state, the 9 of Diamond people feel protective of others. They feel it is their duty to help those less fortunate, and they will champion the rights of the underdog. This quality makes the 9 of Diamond one of the most generous and philanthropic cards in the deck.

In their negative state, those born on a 9 of Diamond day become resentful of the power they feel they should have, but don’t. They become spendthrifts and loners, forever blaming others for their sorry state. Their normally generous spirit becomes an exercise in self-indulgence, compounding their frustrations because in their heart of hearts, all 9 of Diamond want to give.

When it comes to love and intimate relationships, the 9 of Diamond need to feel mentally connected with their partner. Take note! Deep and meaningful conversations do for them what wine and song do for others! They are fun loving and loyal. They will always be protective of those they love and put their family first.

Birthdays for the 9

January 18 (Capricorn), February 16 (Aquarius), March 14 (Pisces), April 12 (Aries), May 10 (Taurus), June 8 (Gemini), July 6 (Cancer), August 4 (Leo), September 2 (Virgo)

Soul Card for the 9

The Soul Card for the 9 of Diamond is the royal Queen of Diamond. This high crown card manifests the philanthropic desires unique to the 9 of Diamond. It is their soul nature to help better the lives of others in the all-important material area of life, and is the main reason for their generous, gregarious spirit.

Famous 9 People

14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso), 50 Cent, Albert Einstein, Amanda Borden, Andy Garcia, Ann Miller, Anthony Peake, Barack Obama, Barbara Bush, Billy Bob Thorton, Billy Crystal, Bobby Goldsboro, Boz Scaggs, Cary Grant, Daniel Webster, Danny Kaye, David Cassidy, David Letterman, Della Reese, Eckhart Tolle, Frank Lloyd Wright, Fred Astaire, George W. Bush Jr., Ice-T, Janet Leigh, Jerry Stiller, Jimmy Connors, Joan Branson, Joan Rivers, John McEnroe, Keanu Reeves, Kevin Costner, LeVar Burton, Louis Armstrong, Mark Harmon, Merv Griffin, Michael Caine, Nancy Reagan, Nancy Sinatra, Nancy Walker, Ned Beatty, Pat Summerall, Paul Bono Hewson, Queen Mother, Quincy Jones, Robert Preston, Roger Clemens, Shannen Doherty, Sonny Bono, Swami Sri Yukteswar, Sylvester Stallone, Tiny Tim, Tom Clancy, Vince Gill, Wayne Dyer