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The Joker

Jokers have the unique ability to wear the mask of two different personality cards: the King of Spade and Ace of Heart.

Ace of Heart: I Want to Be Liked!
King of Spade: I Must Control

Personality of the Joker

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Like a chameleon, the Joker blends in with their environment. They change opinions, loyalties and even their physical appearance or persona to suit ever-changing tides, fads, or circumstance.

Prestige is important to the Joker. (Ace of Heart) So is being in complete control! (King of Spade) This combination brings out a highly competitive spirit. Jokers are known to be ruthless when achieving their objectives.

Another important card that describes the personality of the Joker is the 3 of Heart. The meaning of this card reveals the Joker's emotional insecurities, which clouds judgement and creates mistrust in their personal life and business. The positive meaning of the 3 of Heart indicates an aura of fun and a very social nature. The Joker loves to entertain and be entertained. Never a dull moment with the Joker!

Jokers like to find out everything they can about people. Not because they are genuinely interested, but because they want to feel secure about who or what they are dealing with. In their heart of hearts the Joker does want to help others, and they often do. It's just that their help must be of benefit to them too.

On a deeper level, the Joker gets many of their unusual personality traits from dark and disturbing experiences early in life. These experiences are often at the hands of an aggressive mother-figure (♂+ Q♧). Nonetheless, by learning to overcome, the Joker gains the tools to successfully tackle the many obstacles their karma has in store.

Jokers are notoriously eccentric and eclectic. They have a super-creative approach to love, life, and work.

Birthday for the Joker

December 31

Journey of the Soul for the Joker

A and the K♠ are the Soul Cards for the Joker.

On a high note, the King of Spade is the "Teacher". Some liken this card to the great Hermes. A tall order to fill! The soul natures of the Kings of Spade shine brightly when they are able to teach others how to live in harmony with the elements of earth, connecting with the world through the hands on application of work.

When living their "best life", The Joker is on a remarkable journey of selflessness and a desire to teach and "lead the way" for the good of humankind.

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