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CLUB: Mind - Comprehension - Process
EIGHT: Management - Control
CHALLENGE: Understanding


The Club personality is interested in brainpower. The spirit of the Club is confined to mental processes. Its purpose is to determine, organize, and regulate. It is the element of air; invisible thought-things that manipulate our visible our world.


The value of eight is control. The personality of the eight attracts experiences that give them opportunities to manage and control.


The Eight of Club personality is designed to help the Soul understand the power of mind. It is the conscious and the subconscious mind. The Soul Card for the Eight of Club is the same: the 8 of Club. The journey of the soul is to reconcile the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Personality of the Eight of Club

Eight of Club

Eight of Club personalities are provided with so many fortunate opportunities in life, they are rarely compelled to explore the deeper (or higher!) meaning of life. The evolution of suffering does not apply to the Eight of Club. Nor should it. They have come to understand the functioning of the mind, not heart.

Eight of Club people are like the cats who always land on their feet. Protection surrounds them in all departments of life. All of their cards are in the Jupiter Line: Jupiter is the Giver of Gifts. It is this very blessing that trips them up.

Most Eight of Club project a strong, can-do attitude and prefer intimate relationships with productive people who have something to bring to the table. They choose platonic relationships over marriage. And if they marry, their independence must remain intact.

Birthdays for the 8♧

March 28 (Aries) April 26 (Taurus) May 24 (Gemini) June 22 (Gemini/Cancer) July 20 (Cancer) August 18 (Leo) September 16 (Virgo) October 14 (Libra) November 12 (Scorpio) December 10 (Sagittarius)

Soul Card for the 8♧

8♣ is the Soul Card for the Eight of Club. This emblem represents pragmatism. Because it is their personality and Soul-nature, the 8 of Club are happiest when things make perfect sense! They must feel in control of their environment and avoid the messy drama of life at all cost.

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