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Meaning of the 8 of Club

eight of clubs playing cardClubs: Mind - Communication - Intelligence
Eight of Club Meaning: Power of the Mind
Karma for the 8 of Clubs - Fear of Domination

The Eight of Club is one of three fixed cards in the deck. The other two are the King of Spade and the Jack of Heart. You may have noticed that these three cards never change their position on all 90 spreads.

Eight of Club people are like the cats who always land on their feet. Protection surrounds them in all departments of life. All of their cards are in the Jupiter Line and that never changes. (Jupiter is considered the most benefic player in game of life!) Nonetheless, it is this very blessing that can also trip them up.

The 8 of Club are stubborn and fixed in their beliefs. They can appear aloof and unsympathetic toward the misfortunes of others. It is not that they don’t care; they do - deeply. They just have a tough time stepping outside of their comfort zone to demonstrate their feelings.

The majority of Eight of Club project a strong, can-do attitude and prefer intimate relationships with productive people who have something to bring to the table. With little patience for the intricacies of romantic foreplay (think hearts and flowers), many 8 of Club will choose platonic relationships over marriage. When they do marry, their independence must remain intact.

The positive karma for the 8 of Club is one of intelligence, strength and determination. Once they set themselves on a path, they will do whatever it takes to achieve their objective. Privately, they struggle with mental frustrations and negative thinking. All eight of club strive for peace and equality.

Birthdays for the 8♧

March 28 (Aries) April 26 (Taurus) May 24 (Gemini) June 22 (Gemini/Cancer) July 20 (Cancer) August 18 (Leo) September 16 (Virgo) October 14 (Libra) November 12 (Scorpio) December 10 (Sagittarius)

Soul Card for the 8♧

As the 8 of Club is one the fixed cards, it's position on all 90 tablets never changes – including the Soul Spread. This means their Soul Card is the same as their Life Card: the 8 of Club. Their strong minds have been carried over from previous incarnations giving them a double dose of mental fortitude.

Famous 8♧ People

Anne Hathaway, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, B. B. King, Billy Wilder, Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana, Carol Burnett, Christian Slater, Cyndi Lauper, Dan Brown, Dannion Brinkley, David Copperfield, Dianne Feinstein, Dwight Eisenhower, Ed Bradley, Elizabeth Warren, Emily Dickinson, Freddie Lauren Bacall, Melania Trump, Meryl Streep, Mickey Rourke, Natalie Wood, Neil Young, Nick Jonas, Patrick Swayze, Patti LaBelle, Paul Morphy, Peter Falk, Priscilla Presley, Ralph Waite, Reba McEntire, Robert Redford, Roger Moore,