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CLUB: Information - Reasoning - Ideas
ACE: Searching - Penetrating


The Club is the symbol of the air element. It carries the invisible currents of thought and ideas.

The Ace of Club is known as the card of research.


The Ace resonates as ONE (1). The Ace Personality believes their soul purpose is to gain the elements of their suit, which, for the Club, is information and knowledge.

Personality of the Ace of Club

Ace of ClubPeople born on an Ace of Club day have bright, inquiring minds with a knack for inspiring confidence in others. They are at their best and feel most accomplished when creating a healthy environment for their loved ones, including their community and country.

The Ace of Club person sees natural beauty as a sign of health and will use it to bring success to their chosen line of work.

Multi-talented, the Ace of Club can pursue several career paths. The most successful and powerful Ace of Club are those who “do it all” However, the wise A♣ leave the financial details to those who are better equipped to handle them.

There are some dark areas to an otherwise bright and positive personality. In particular, they suffer from jealousy, even betrayal when they least expect it.

Birthdays for the Ace♧

May 31 (Gemini), June 29 (Cancer), July 27 (Leo), August 25 (Virgo), September 23 (Libra), October 21 (Scorpio), November 19 (Scorpio/Sagittarius), December 17 (Sagittarius)

Journey of the Soul for the Ace♧

2 is the Soul Card for the Ace of Club. This emblem represents the unifying principle of love. As a Soul Card, it compels the Ace of Club to find their perfect love, a complete love, within a shared pursuit of knowledge.

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