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Mystery of the Cards

For nearly 1,000 years, the origin of playing cards remain a mystery to the scholars of antiquity. Centuries pass and the mystery remains unsolved while playing cards are bought, sold and collected by millions of people around the world. Always 52 cards, always 4 suits, 2 colors, 12 faces of Nobility and that odd and seemingly useless Joker. One thousand years later, we still don't know who invented them, or why, but the original design of the 52-card deck is wholly intact.

Most interesting, playing cards defy our concept of mystery because no matter what language you speak, or in which part of the world you live, they are as familiar as the moon is to the sky. We take them for granted! And we question them not.

But what if there is more to the Cards than games of chance? What if their true purpose is to leave nothing to chance? What if the simple and well-preserved design is a language of numbers and symbols passed down through the centuries, only preserved and concealed as the world’s greatest pastime?

I am Daliah, the creator of metasymbology.com. I have been sharing my insight into the ancient metaphysical meaning of playing cards since 1997.

I am not a tarot reader. I do not believe in fate or destiny. I think we create our own destiny by the choices we make every day. I also believe in self mastery and the power of faith and love.

For 30 years I have been using the personal calendar in a deck of cards to help me overcome adversity and find success in my life, and in the lives of millions. And it’s easy. Everyone can do it.

I have learned there are no good or bad cards. It's all in how you play them! ♡