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Life is not a matter of holding good cards,
but of playing a poor Hand Well.
- Robert Louis Stevenson

Who I Am

I am Daliah, the creator of, sharing my knowledge of the original, esoteric meaning of playing cards since 1997. This is where you can connect with me for personal insight and guidance.

I am a voice of intuition skilled in metaphysics. I specialize in analyzing the cards and planets to help you get what you need. My goal is to illuminate your journey and empower you to reach the destiny of your choosing.

For nearly 30 years I have been using the Little Book to achieve success in my life and the lives of those I love. I have learned there are no good or bad cards. It's all in how you play them!

My work on the internet has given me the opportunity to guide and inspire thousands of people from all over the world. I look forward to being of service to you! ♡

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1998 - Present
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"Totally not what I expected!~ Joshua, Niagara Falls, Canada

"You are a beautiful soul and I can't thank you enough for all your help." ~ Sandy Brighton, London, UK

"... incredible as always, Daliah. I will play my cards well." ~ Tippy K., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"You are addictive, Daliah!" ~ Carolyn M., Los Angeles, CA

"Right again. Thanks!" ~ Adrian West, Toronto

"You are a slice of heaven, Dalia! " ~ Maria, Sante Fe

"5 Stars! I'll be back." ~ John J., Virgin Islands, US

"...I always knew there had to be something better... now it all makes sense." ~ Sara Peters, Arizona.

"...not what I expected at all... You gave me a lot to think about." ~ S.J., London

"She was genuine, practical and compassionate... thank you, Daliah!"

"Daliah is THE master at the cards in my opinion." ~ L. Clarke

"I had a reading with you about 3 mos. ago. At the time I had interviewed for a job. You said that I was going to get the job (I did) but that another opportunity that I had previously wanted, something would come open and it would be presented to me. Sure enough, that happened yesterday..."~ Paeton B., Louisiana

"Thank you, I always enjoy my readings with you. You are a wonderful guide in my life! " ~ Melissa K., Manitoba, Canada

"You were so right on and on point. Thank you. You're amazing." ~ Trisch, D.C.

"...right to the point and very honest and straightforward. Thank you for that." ~ E.H., Netherlands

"Awesome" ~ J.D. ~ Santa Clara, CA

"You are very talented." ~ Jacob S., Programmer, San Francisco, CA

"Glad I found you. Thanks." ~ M.B.

"For the last 15 or so years Daliah has been a guiding force on my journey through life.... her insight and gift has helped me to make right and thoughtful choices. I have not ever found in anyone the clarity, the accuracy, and compassion... I love the guidance Daliah has bestowed on me and hope it never ends." ~ ER Nurse, New Mexico

"Your guidance has keep me on track in work and life. Thank you, Daliah. "~ B.W., Springfield, IL

"I am so Thankful to God for sending you my way! I love your book and have not been able to put it down since 3am this morning . I love the fact that it's not complicated, detailed with wisdom and I could go on and on." ~ Sophia C., North Carolina

"Good reading. Thank you."~ Ron R., Toronto

"What would I ever do without you!!? thank you again and again and again... :)" ~ Crystal, Niagara Falls

"My complaints is she doesn't keep enough hours to work. The best of the best." ~ T.M., Mexico City

"You rock it! Thank you! " ~ P.Brighton, Teacher, Boulder, CO.

"It is my joy to say that life is blessed with many good changes you predict and some not good but of course now I am ready. My family is very happy. " ~ Eman, France.

"Thank you so much for giving me such a great reading. I have always wanted a Vedic Astrology reading and every time I tried to get one, it would never work out. Now I know that I was just waiting until you could do it for me. I actually feel a shift in my energy since I spoke with you on the phone. You are very talented." ~ K.K. Massage Therapist, Hot Springs, MT."

"My consultation with you and your book provided the final pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of myself!... I sense I will be walking the path with greater clarity in my mind and peace in my heart." ~ Scott H., Maryland. "Thanx for all your help. I am definitely on a better track." ~ Marshall, Kent

"...We've been friends and shes been my advisor going on I'll say 11 or 12 years. Give her a try... you will NOT regret it." ~ Craig

"Daliah is always amazing. I have been a friend and fan for many years! She is an angel on earth." ~ C.C.

"Haunting..." ~ Dancer, Vancouver, BC

"Wear a seatbelt!!! Daliah is a sweetheart!!!" ~ JB., Toronto

"I've been asking advice from her for years now.. she's just absolutely brilliant!" ~ V.C.,  Student,  Macua

"You have  helped me more than you will ever know. I am forever grateful! " ~Aurora M., Student, Ohio

"I always have a great reading." ~ Vicki B.

"Excellent as always! I love Daliah for...almost 10 years! " ~ Vivian W., L.A., CA

"What an amazing friend and guide. she is specific and kind...I don't make a huge move without her!!" ~ Cheryl, Business Woman, Georgia, U.S.

"Out of this world...!" ~ Ann M., Seattle WA

"The BEST!" ~ Diane L.

"How did you DO that?!!!" ~ Wink G., Registered Nurse, Illinois

"...your crazy talk straightens me out every time. God bless you cha." ~ E.H., Entertainer, California

"I never would have believed anyone could know so much about me and what's going on in my life. I don't know how you did it... Ill keep you posted. Thanks for everything."~ P.W., Professional Athlete, Sheffield, UK

"Sweety I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You saved me a lot of money and thats a fact. I dont know what Id do without you and thats a fact too! LUV You! " ~ Bridgett R., Singer, NY

"Everything worked out the way you  said it would. Thanks.I'll be back."~ Frank S., Montana

"RIGHT AGAIN!" ~ P.B., Writer, Los Angeles

"Pretty impressive. Thanks." ~ Debra L., Massage Therapist, Boston

"OK. I did listen to you this time and I did take your advice and you were mostly right and I was mostly wrong. ~ M. Jay, Orlando, FL

"Always clear and right to the point!" ~ C.Y.

"Thanks again. That was great." ~ Sara M., Web Designer, Vancouver

"I have been reading with Daliah for almost six years now. She is funny, smart and very accurate, helping me through every work and life crisis imaginable. She keeps me grounded! Daliah is simply the best!" ~ Ann M. New York, New York

"Among many psychics who have read for me over the years using many different methods .. I find Dalia to be one of the best. What is most important to me is that she is honest ..this makes me able to rely on her guidance without the fear of being misled in my decisions... " ~ Business Woman, Middle East

"The Gods must be crazy...!" ~ Jackson, OH

"Thanks Dahlia. I've missed you." ~ Kathleen O., LA, CA

"THANK YOU!" ~ Bob C., Toronto, Canada

"Always amazing and so loving!" ~ S.C., Vienna

"Clear and straight to the point - will help you take a helicopter view of your life. very good."

"She is brillant! - so attuned - almost instantly, u can't fool her. Brutal honesty - gentle and loving advice. A must seek! Go for it and I will be back for her too. "

"Excellent, totally read the situation right on!"

"Daliah was absolutely wonderful!! She was absolutely on target, and I felt she was very straight with me."

"as always delightful to talk to and very helpful"

"Very compassionate, insightful and good listener:)"

"Simply the best...!"

"Wonderful reading! Accurate and compassionate--will be back again."

"Daliah is so focused. She give great insight and REALLY looks into the question from many angles so the information she gives you is accurate. Great stuff."

"The BEST! It was an enlightening chat I had with Daliah! Will definitely talk to her again. Thanks Daliah. :)"

"As always you help me out. Thank you Thank you Thank you"

"awesome insights, she really dove into the problem, and was honest about what she saw...I like that!"

"Daliah is a breath of fresh air when I need it most! She is warm and funny and totally down to earth, and so amazingly tuned into subtle energies. Thanks for helping me *exhale*! :)"

"thank you daliah for sharing your time and gift with all of us. its always fun chatting with you - i always leave with a sense of peace and wellbeing. "

"Always the best."

"very upbeat and kind...lots of dates! Great reading!! Thankyou for the reassurance!"

"Daliah is simply the best."

"wondeful as always "

"three words. fab. u. lous."

"She is always excellent and accurate!"

"nails it everytime."

"She is excellent! Best reader yet."


"'d she do that?"

"Very good...she help me to see things in a way I have been trying not to see them. Thanks!"

"D rocks! She's the Super Psychic! "

"needless to say, she is always the top one."

"Dahlia is wonderfully refreshing in her approach and extremely easy to speak to. Very highly attuned psychically. If you need to know what the future holds for you then this is the woman to talk to! Excellent stuff!"

"thanks so much"

"Always the best!"

"she knows her stuff!"

"Daliah is a sweetheart and just to get a small issue cleared up made me feel SO much better. Thank you!!"

"She's very exact - all the time!"

"Daliah is one of the best. You won't be disappointed with her. Her readings are very clear and specific. Love her!"

"very good"

"Wonderful as always."

"Soooooooooooooo helpful."

"Daliah uses a regular deck for her readings and she is VERY accurate. Very much worth your time - she's incredible. Great."



"WONDERFUL! Accurate to the dot!!!!"


"I love Daliah. Her readings are PROFOUND. She has so many ways to look at an issue, and she is always so thorough and thoughtful - and right on. She is worth EVERY minute."

"wonderful as always."

"She appears to be the most helpful person to me. I don't know how to appreciate her from my innermost heart."

"Daliah was excellent as always. she's my favourite psychic, no doubt about that."

"She is the best! I love her to death!"

"Excellent. Very precise. Thank You for such an excellent insight into my current relationship problems."

"Daliah has always been so wonderful to me. "

"Daliah is fun, accurate, sweet and thorough. You can't ask for more. The greatest!"

"Great reading as you always do..."

"great reading .......very helpful .....thanks so much!!!!!"

"She is a truly special honest caring lady!!! i am lucky to know her. "

"She is so wonderful. Always a great reading."

"Her readings are the best. Period."

"What an amazing, enlightened lady! Her method of reading cards is unique and so accurate, but it's her intuition on people, the little things she picks up, that really amazes me. and so nice too! Wish she was on 24/7! :-)"

"I love Daliah so much. she is my best teacher and friend!!!! ^-^ "

"I just love Daliah So much, She is very very accurate- you got to believe ! She is the BEST."

"Wonderful as ever. Truly an amazing psychic. Always love talking with her."

"I just LOVE her"

"She is so wonderful. Her readings are incredibly informative."

"She is the BEST, so nice, so accurate and really helped me with all of my questions. I can't say enough good things."

"Daliah is amazing!"

"Thank you"

"Dahlia knows what she is talking about, that is for sure. She is good and I would recommend her. Thanks for the good reading :)"

"Wonderful readings "

"She is always accurate, sweet, and clear on her words and just a pure delight to have a reading from her."


"Very informative & clarifying."

"Really easy to talk to, insightful, right on track with a number of things, friendly"

"Uplifting reading I feel happier and look forward to the new year :-)"

"very understanding, compassionate and thorough."

"Always good to talk to Daliah"

"Very straightforward and to the point, even tho there are alot of gray issues in my life right now. Thanks for the hope Dahlia. :)"

"Always great talking to daliah."

"Always good to talk to Daliah! And will always be back!!! Thanks Dear!!!"

"woman is a goddess..."

"as always wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Always good to talk to Daliah! Will be back as always. :)"

"VERY insightful and ACCURATE! A pleasure!"

"Daliah is someone I have come to trust as a friend as well as an incredibly gifted reader. In her unique way, she taps right into a situation and her perception is dead on. She's also a kind, generous spirit with a wicked sense of humor - great combo! :-)"

"I really love to talk with Daliah, she enlighten me as ALWAYS! "

"Always a pleasure talking with Daliah. I have been chatting with her for about 2 years and love her."

"she was so great, she confirmed my inner thoughts! will be back!"

"fantastic follow up session!!!"

"I love talking with daliah she's great."

"Many Many thanks to Daliah"

"daliah is extremely accurate! unbelievable. the ABSOLUTE best! "

"Excellent, as always!"

"Daliah, where would I be without you to guide me with your insights? Thank you! I really hope to see you again soon..."

"I always enjoy speaking w/her. She brightens my day, and if you never had an opportunity to chat w/her, pleaase do. It is worth it. She is very accurate. "

" always!"

"My 2nd reading with Daliah - just as great as the first one last year. I turly appreciate your wisdom and depth and kindness.Take care,"

"she is wounderfull "

"This is the best reader i have ever come across. Fun, funny, and very accurate. See for yourself, you will not be sorry!"

"Excellent as always!"

"Daliah,it truly gifted and was able to give me wonderful readings on all aspects of my life, love, career, finances, and life purpose. I will certainly be in touch again in the future."

"WOW - Outstanding, Amazing, Wonderful, truly amazing lady. "

"Sees things excatly as they are :>"

"Outstanding Time spent with Daliah"

"Always good to talk to Daliah!"

"Super accuracy, she's the most fabulous and accurate reader I've ever met."

" always! "

"wonderful as always!"

"Daliah, It is always great to talk to you! Thanks"

"I can't thank Daliah enough. I hope you know that, Daliah! "

"Simply of the best there is. Great insight!"



"Daliah is hands-down the best reader I've spoken with. She's honest, friendly, direct, and very helpful."

"always the best...."

"Thank you very much, Daliah! I look forward to next reading with you as always! :)"

"EXCELLENT, as always!"


"Daliah, is always amazing in her readings!"

"Simply the Best! If there was a 5-star rating, Daliah would have it. Accurate, insightful, and a friend. "

"Always a pleasure! "

"Daliah shares with clarity and gentleness. Her words help to put things into prespective, with reminders that we have choices. Thank you!"

"Dahlia is great fun to talk to. She has a great sense of humor and is very insightful. "

"unbelievably accurate!! "

"Really very accurate reading! Wow! Thank you."

"by the end of our chat, the advice she gave me was the kick in the butt that i needed...thx"

"Dear Daliah! I always love talking to you. Will update you! :) PS"

"Daliah has always been very good when I need direction or advice in life."

"lovely chatting with daliah will be back soon."

"thanks again d! i will keep you posted."

"She's always so right to the point and very very accurate. And also very WARM. Daliah, you have helped me get through some pretty tough times and I can never thank you enough for that!!!"

"I love talking to Daliah!"

"Totally seemed to know the new person I am with and seemed able to read the sitution precisely. Thanks for another great read!!"

"She was so accurate about my family. a wonderful reading. Helped me more than you'll ever know. thanks again."

"as usual, Dahlia was exceptionally on target & encouraging. Hard to find but is worth the wait."

"Daliah is so very very accurate and right to the point. Thanks Daliah, I love you! :-)"

"Very informative and does not want you to waste your time. If she needs to look at something in depth she will tell you to come back in. Very thoughtful"

"This is the 3rd time I have spoken to Dahlia and I can't say how much she has tamed my anxieties. Not only does she see the situation but can advise you in a way that is very calming. Dahlia, I can't say enough about you but that YOU ARE THE BEST!"

"I love Daliah...she is so sweet and encouraging and informative..."

"INCREDIBLY ACCURATE! daliah, i can't tell you enough that what you predict happens each and every time. you always open my eyes to the unknown and give explanations for the unexplainable. you are so kind and gifted. thank you."

"very very insightful, affirmed what I already knew -"

"I wish we'd had more time"

"she as always had been delightful with her precise reading, which is spot on time and again. "

"as always, amazing! "

"WONDERFUL! Accurate to the dot!!!!"

"Hits it right on the head. Great caring and understanding reader. Thanks Daliah for all of your help!"

"Thanks so much!!!!!!!! I feel sooo much better now. Daliah made everything so much clearer....gave me a good pic of what is really going on around me. It all makes so much more sense now. Thanks for being soooo wonderful."

"super reader that puts you at ease and sprinkles you with her wonderful gift."

"I've had Daliah read me a number of times over the past few years and I must say she's always been VERY accurate. I cannot thank her enough for her caring tone in our online communication and her honest insight."

"I would say very accurate reading. I would definitely have another reading with this psychic."

"daliah. i will say it again and are unbelievably AMAZING. completely accurate. never to fail. you are an inspiration to all. xx"

"shes just sooo good!"

"Dahlia gave me guidance and encouragement through a vey stressful time in my life. SHe is amazing."

"Wonderful reading, thanks."

"Daliah was spookily accurate. She gave a good insight into my life and where it was going. I'd definitely use her again. Thank you so much. An inspiration!"

"She was very sweet and personable. Made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Thanks!"

"like all the others said she was very great reader and very posative and nice. Thank you again!"

"Very accurate. Caring & nice. Highly recommend."

"Daliah surprised me with great accuracy and a very open kindness."

"Daliah is always so straightforward and open and honest! This really was the best reading EVER! Thank you Daliah!"

"Daliah is thorough and awesome. No one else can see into the future like she can... ! She is definitely talented!"

"Chatting with Daliah is pure joy. She's become very dear to me"


"She is great, like a good friend with increadible insight."

"I love my readings with Daliah, she is always on the mark, cant tell you how much it means to chat with her SHE IS SUPER!!!!!"

"Daliah is very compassionate towards my questions and answers them very honestly. My readings with her blow me away!! I will be back again!"

"Daliah is the best of all psychic."

"Daliah is a wonderful kind and special person!!! i am lucky to know her"


"She was direct and honest. I felt so comfortable talking with her, I am very confident that she is right on the money. Thanks so very much"

"I've seen Daliah for several years, her insights and predctions have helped a lot through my downfalls,recoveries, and finally reach to what I desire. I wish everyone has chance to enjoy her enlightments, and find their own bright futures. Bless!"

"I always love Daliah! she is the best!"

"I give 10 stars. She's the best."

"wonderful reader. Will always come back many many times. Love her!"

"I've been seeing her more than 2 years, she is very accurate and caring ! "

"Amazing accuracy!"

"I adore Daliah"

"she really hit everything right on.....great"

"She is wonderful! I only had 15 minutes, and then had to run out and get more time so we could keep chatting. I found her so delightful and caring. I felt very much at ease, and am so glad I got the opportunity to speak with her."

"What can I say? Except that Daliah's the BEST!!!"

"She is absolutely a beautiful woman, inside and out! "

"She is the best...she's in tuned, smart, funny, and so accurate it's scary. I think I'm in love with her!"

"She was great :) Very sweet and very re-assuring. Although I won't know if she was right yet, I still like her for her compassion and peace."

"shes amazing!"

"she is wonderful! informative, intuitive, accurate..."


"She is always great!"

"Excellent as always!!! Wonderful woman to talk to!!!"

"Daliah has always been good. I've been chatting with her for over a year now, and she never fails to enlighten me and cheer me up. She's one of a kind.:)"

"Daliah is the best. She tells it like it is and in a nice way. "


"i have yet to see if what she says is accurate, but i can say this---she made me feel 100% better about my situation; she is very nice and has a great sense of humor. i HIGHLY recommend her!!"

"Daliah is very accurate and she gives good insights of what's going on around you!"

"A reading with Daliah is like having a nice, long visit with your best friend, who just happens to have amazing gifts of compassion, patience, insight, and love! Thank you, Daliah!"

"Daliah reads with humor, warmth, and love. Thanks so much, Daliah!"

"very reassuring and honest... told me the bad with the good. The best I've found so far."

"Absolutely wonderful!!!"

"Love her!!! Very Accurate"

"Such a great person to talk to. Very insightful and friendly! "

"Absolutley amazing"

"very interesting information indeed.. thanks for the help.. will let you know how it pans out!"

"great, great, great reading!"

"The best psychic online!"

"I adore Daliah!"

"Very insightful! Great reading!"

"She is simply awesome! She has been reading for me for a year and I will always keep coming back to her!"

"Daliah was straight to the point and even gave me dates of when things will happen, as well as cautions to help me channel things in a positive direction. I look forward to seeing her predictions unfold!"

"the best!"

"Daliah is wonderful. so caring and honest and full of amazing insight. her method of card reading is unique and very specific too. never lets me down!"

"I really love to chat with Daliah. she is very accurate, I promised !"

"More than just a psychic or even a spiritual counselor - Daliah is a healer."

"Daliah is the very, very best."

"Great reader"

"Daliah is the best I ever seen. "

"The best by far!~"

"I just love talking with Daliah. She is the greatest!!!"

"Very intune to me and helpful to my situation. I will seek her advice again.*********"

"I have been talking with her for a long time now. Every prediction has been accurate. She is the BEST! "

"Don't be afraid to ask her...she wants to help!"

"Daliah was so kind, and she took extra time she was honest and I truly believe the future she sees!! Thankyou Daliah"

"Thank you again!!!!!! It's always so great to talk to you. :-)"

"Thanks wonderful reading"

"freakishly accurate... yes indeed... she's so funny and positive!"


"she's amazingly accurate and very supportive. she can even give you specific dates when your life will change."

"I am always amazed at how good Daliah's memory is and she's always so to the point. Thank you Daliah, you have helped me through some very bad times and I'm so glad that I can finally also share some of the good times with you! I owe you a lot!"

"Oh, time flies soooooooooo fast talking to you! Didn't even get the time to say thank you! And YES, this one I will print out! THANKS. Love you, hugs "

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  • " My consultation with you and your book provided the final pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of myself!... I sense I will be walking the path with greater clarity in my mind and peace in my heart. "

    Scott H., Maryland.
  • " Thank you so much for giving me such a great reading. I have always wanted a Vedic Astrology reading and every time I tried to get one, it would never work out. Now I know that I was just waiting until you could do it for me. I actually feel a shift in my energy since I spoke with you on the phone. You are very talented. "

    Kathy K., Hot Springs, MT.
  • " I am so Thankful to God for sending you my way! I love your book and have not been able to put it down since 3am this morning. I love the fact that it's not complicated, detailed with wisdom and I could go on and on. "

    Sophia C., North Carolina
  • " I share my intuitive thoughts and concerns with Daliah and she is able to show me the best way to handle anything based on my cards.
    The combination of her wisdom, warmth and strength brings me great comfort.
    Daliah is a gem! "

    Melissa T., Missouri, USA


I was first introduced to the original science of cards while living in Los Angeles in 1989. I have authored two books on the subject: The 52-Card Readers Handbook, and The New Game: 52-Day Cycles of Time.

I am an advanced Vedic Astrologer studying under Hart DeFeow of the Vedic Vidya Institute, San Rafeal California and eastern style Palmist of the Birla College of Vedic Palmistry in Westmount, Quebec. Recently, I have been acquiring knowledge of Jamini - a little known branch of Vedic Astrology as taught by K.N Rao. Jamini is amazing! The numeric patterns remind me of the cards in many ways.

I have been a yogini since 1986. I practice Raja Yoga, naturally honing my intuition through the spiritual techniques of pratyahara, meditation and prayer. I can assist you in your quest for spiritual knowledge, meditation techniques, mantras and remedies.

The cards are my primary tool for guidance and insight during your consultations with me. The complexity of astrology takes more time and is by appointment only.

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Consultations ("Readings") with me are never meant to replace the professional advice you receive from any other qualified, licensed or certified professional. While I do take my work seriously and strive to enlighten and guide you toward the highest good, I take no responsibility in any way, whatsoever for your thoughts, or any actions that you take, or do not take as a result of your time spent with me. By purchasing a consultation with me, you understand and agree to this.


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