jack of spadesSpades - Wisdom - Labor - Acceptance
Jack of Spades - A Neophyte in Wisdom
Karma for the Jack of Spades - Right Choice of Objectives

The positive Jack of Spades have equipped themselves with education and training. They work for their art or their job, not just the pay check, and know they are giving their best to the task at hand.

The negatives among these people destroy the inherent protection that surrounds them through secrecy, irresponsibility and cunning. Indeed - the Jack of Spade is sometimes known as the con man of the deck. Should this be the unfortunate turn of the Card, Jacks of Spade are subject to scandal, disgrace, misinterpretation of their motives, and disappointment in their friends.

All Jack of Spade must strive to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities provided by the sequence of their cards. Theirs is one of the most fortunate of all, and like all Jacks, they are charismatic and talented.

karma or destiny


January 3 (Capricorn) February 1 (Aquarius)


Mel Gibson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Marion Davies, Victoria Principal, Lisa Marie Presley, Boris Yeltsin, Clark Gable, Big Boi

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