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What's Your Card?

After more than 800 years of recorded history, the origins of Playing Cards remain a mystery to the scholars of antiquity. While centuries have passed, this "mystery" is still being bought, sold and collected by millions all over the world. Always 52 Cards, always the 4 suits, 2 colors, 12 faces of Nobility, and that odd and seemingly useless Joker. To this day the Cards remain wholly intact!

In spite of their indeterminable beginnings and unvarying, centuries old design, the 52-Card deck eludes our concept of mystery and wonder because no matter what language is spoken, or what part of the world in which you live, playing Cards are as familiar as the moon is to the sky. We take them for granted! And we question them not.

But what if there is more to the Cards than just mere games of chance? What if their true purpose was to leave nothing to chance? What if their simple and well-preserved design was a language of symbols passed down through the centuries, preserved and concealed as the worlds greatest past time?

For those fortunate enough to know how to read the Little Book and its 52 Pages, the mystery is revealed as a map of the stars and a calendar of earth, where the world's most popular tool for playing games of chance, becomes the world's most powerful tool for playing the Game of Life!

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